beware of the dog
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beware of the dog

“Unto me, he bestowed his loyal and loving heart.”
~ Tilly Anger

About Jackson

At the age of 4 ½ years, Jackson was in trouble.  Jackson had lived with four different families.  Jackson was known as a canine delinquent and a “BAD dog.”  He was a rowdy hooligan and a reprehensible troublemaker who wouldn’t listen or calm down. He was a ‘runner’ and Jackson was looking for his FIFTH home.

The people at Wintergreen had time to help a rowdy canine reform.  Tilly told Jackson, “You are welcome to live at Wintergreen, forevermore, but you’re going to learn some manners and behave like a gentleman.”  

Jackson told Tilly “If this 5th-home-thing doesn’t work out I will accuse the folks at Wintergreen Cats of discriminating against dogs and make sure your reputation is
sullied.” That’s what hooligan dogs do--they make threats and misbehave.    

Consistent routines were established for Jackson and he learned that “nothing is free.”   He exercised daily, enrolled in obedience classes and was introduced to Karen Pryor’s positive clicker training.

Clicker training can save a rowdy dog’s life--Jackson became proficient at obedience, learned whistle training, tricks, and enjoyed daily practice, patience, and love. All those clicks and “yes, good dog” turned a yellow hooligan named Jackson into a ‘model’ canine citizen.

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