Wintergreen Cats
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About Us About Us

“Our greeting card collections are designed to delight eyes and capture hearts by sharing special moments and expressions with others. May you enjoy and fall in love with our special moments.”
~ Tilly Anger

Wintergreen cards are professionally created in Michigan (USA) by women who adore cats, dogs, and other four-footed or feathered friends.  It is our love for all things with wings and tails that distinguishes our work.

We enjoy creating quality greeting cards and continually add special moments and expressions to our collections; so feel free to visit often.  Our calendars “Favorites for Friends” appeal to animal lovers and limited quantities are available the month of November.

Our profits are shared with animal rescue organizations, such as Mid-Michigan Cat Rescue, Tonkinese Rescue, Alley Cat Allies, and the ASPCA.

Wintergreen Cats is a member of the Greeting Card Association.  The Greeting Card Association is the only trade organization representing greeting card and social stationary manufacturers and their suppliers.  GCA celebrates, promotes and preserves the tradition and cultural values of exchanging greeting cards.

Member of the Greeting Card Association

Graphic and web designer Jeanne Rouston performs behind-the-scenes magic, with ‘just the right’ graphics, paper, and ink to create our distinctive greeting cards.  Jeanne designed our beautiful web site.  We’re proud to be associated with Jeanne—she’s truly a professional and a ‘purr-fectionist.’

Creative director/photographer Tilly Anger grew up on a dairy farm, where her father taught the concepts of stewardship for all things with wings and tails.  “The goal and pleasure of my photography is to capture the special moment or expression that can be shared with others.”  Tilly has a master’s degree, loves Nikon equipment, and specializes in animal portraiture.