Wintergreen Cats
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One of the great joys in life is the ability to give back. All profits from this book are designated to be distributed to organizations and non-profits that assist with rescuing, neutering, and finding cat guardians who will provide loving, caring, homes.  The Philanthropy Project presently provides funds to Mid-Michigan Cat Rescue.

Read about Wintergreen, a private forest filled with wildlife.  Meet the “masked companions,” Tonkinese Harley, and Col. A.J. Ramsey.   Harley steals hearts, and never met a stranger, and Col. A.J. Ramsey is the author’s loveable, shy, Tonkinese shadow.  The two cat children will capture your heart.

The book is filled with Wintergreen stories, humor, insights, resources, and valuable tips on caring for feline companions.  The author also includes a sensitive and thoughtful chapter on euthanasia. 

Learn the:

  • importance and joys of clawed paws
  • how to teach where to scratch
  • how to prepare for and manage a feline emergency  
  • how to be a loving, caring guardian for your kitten or cat

How to Be the Purrfect Guardian
to Your Feline Companion

ISBN 1-4120-4240-2
123 pages $15.00

Copyright for this information, and photo, belongs exclusively to Tilly Anger.  Material may not be copied, downloaded, or used in any way without the expressed, written permission of the author/photographer.