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Linger, enjoy, and fall in love with the shy, sly, sweet, sensual and contemplative Tonkinese expressions and moments that have been captured for our “Paw Prints” greeting card collection.  Meet Lilly Grace, the charming deer child from the forest, and debonair Jackson, a yellow Labrador retriever known for his cunning, canine antics and nonsense.

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 Enjoy the versatility of our cards and have fun!

Card Basics:

  • Simple greetings allow you to select almost any image for any occasion.

  • Put pen to paper and add the traditional Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, etc.

  • The person receiving your card will think you cared a little more because you were inspired to do more than sign your name.
  • Distinctive, keepsake quality cards measure 5” x 7”, open to a 7” x 10” message size and include elegant bright white vellum finish envelopes.


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